Eatajé Reflection

I was lucky enough to be part of Powerful Learning Practice this year as a member of Eatajé – a group of educators from the elementary panel of the Waterloo Region District School… Continue reading

Thesis Proposal… draft two.

  I’ve been working on my thesis.  It has been busy.  Forgive me for my lack of blogging.  My thesis will highlight the elementary school experience of those who have had police involvement… Continue reading

A Perfect School?

First, this came out of our discussion about what’s wrong with education.  My belief is that if I’m going to complain, I need to help develop a solution to the problems that I… Continue reading


A new school year is more important to teachers than January 1st. We spend time reflecting on where we want to make changes in our classroom and what new initiatives we will engage… Continue reading

Carrying on….

It’s hard to carry on in the environment in which we will be teaching in September.  It is hard knowing that your leaders don’t have your back and are only looking out for… Continue reading


  Today in class we had Allyson Hadwin from the University of Victoria speak with us about self regulation.  Her work on the topic is quite extensive and I was extremely interested in… Continue reading


I just finished an assignment for my learning theories class and thought that I would share it here.  We had to entend a theory from constructivism to our practical situation – I focussed… Continue reading

We Bought A Book

On Friday, I actually went to chapter and bought a book.  A physical copy of a book. Crazy – I’ve been using my Kobo and iPad for so long now that I have… Continue reading


Finally, I was able to actually practice what I preach.  I used Google Docs almost everyday with my students this year and would frequently remark about how great it is when collaborating with… Continue reading

Wrestling and Learning

I continue to spend time working on my thesis proposal It is probably the most difficult task I have ever done. The reading, reflecting and writing is extremely arduous. I feel like I’m… Continue reading